How to learn Photoshop

Looking to learn Adobe Photoshop basics or want to improve your skills and become an expert in Photoshop?

There are many ways to learn Photoshop from the basics. You can read a book, however it can be very time consuming and it's easy to ignore the exercises. Another possibility is to attend a course in a local training center. This can be quite pricey and you have no control on the schedule but you have the possibility to ask questions to the teacher.

One of the most effective and easiest way to learn Photoshop is to watching video training courses and tutorials. You can schedule it as you want and the costs are also very low. There are a lot of well build Photoshop training materials on the internet you can learn from covering topics like the interface, layers, masking, raw processing, smart objects, retouching and so on. You only need a dedicated video player and good quality tutorials to maximize the effectiveness of learning.

To get the most out of Photoshop video trainings you should follow some productivity advice:

  • Give yourself enough time. If the length of the course is 5 hours it doesn't mean that you will be an Photoshop expert after 5 hours of learning. You need extra time to try the material yourself.
  • Do the exercises. Try to do the same tasks yourself as well. Just to feel the knowledge in your hands.
  • Take notes. During the video lessons take your own notes. It also helps you to memorize things an later you can review your notes to refresh your knowledge.
  • Take a break. After every 40-50 minutes of watching tutorials take some break and stand up, drink something and try to refresh your body.

Start learning Adobe Photoshop in 15 minutes

Follow the steps below to start learning Photoshop in just 15 minutes:

  • Download and install MoocPlayer. Register your email address and you will get the download link shortly.
  • Select a training. Import Photoshop video trainings from the pre-build catalog that contains the best YouTube Photoshop trainings or simply import your local course folder.
  • Take notes. Watch the course and take notes regularly. Try to organize your notes into groups like shortcut, questions or simple note.
  • Export your Photoshop notes and use the generated page as a reference card and look over regularly to transfer the information into the long term memory of your brain.

Recommended Photoshop video trainings and tutorials

Here you can find a list of the best Photoshop video courses on YouTube. You can easily import them into MoocPlayer using the Find course option.

Author: Tutorial Photoshop
Release date: 2015-04-30
Length: 0h : 32m


  1. - 101 Color Settings
  2. - 102 Preparing Press Quality Images
  3. - 103 Sharpening to Add Detail Before You Print
  4. - 104 Printing Images
  5. - 105 Creating a Contact Sheet
Author: Derek Banas
Release date: 2013-07-11
Length: 1h : 31m


  1. - Photoshop CC Tutorial How to Remove Blemishes | Photoshop Tutorial
  2. - Photoshop CC Tutorial How to Whiten Teeth | Photoshop Tutorial
  3. - Photoshop CC Tutorial Using Levels for Contrast
  4. - Photoshop CC Tutorial High Pass Filter Sharpening Tutorial
  5. - Photoshop Beauty Retouching Color Replacement Tutorial | Photoshop CC
  6. - Photoshop Beauty Retouching Eyes | Photoshop CC
  7. - Kitsune Photo Manipulation Photoshop Tutorial | Photoshop CC
  8. - Photoshop Dodge And Burn Secrets | Photoshop CC Tutorial
  9. - Photoshop Starwars Lightsaber Effect Tutorial | Photoshop CC
  10. - Photoshop Beauty Retouching Tutorial | How to Sharpen Photos | Photoshop CC
  11. - Photoshop Tutorial Particle Effect | Photoshop CC
Author: Howard Pinsky
Release date: 2008-12-24
Length: 3h : 32m


  1. - Layer Style Separation in Photoshop | IceflowStudios
  2. - Arrays in Photoshop | IceflowStudios
  3. - Smart Filters in Photoshop | IceflowStudios
  4. - Extract Filter in Photoshop| IceflowStudios
  5. - Photoshop: Installing Brushes | IceflowStudios
  6. - Photoshop Tip: Redoing Levels | IceflowStudios
  7. - Photoshop 101: Part 1 | IceflowStudios
  8. - Animation in Photoshop! | IceflowStudios
  9. - Photoshop: Flaming Text | IceflowStudios
  10. - Photoshop: Double Outlines | IceflowStudios
  11. - Photoshop: Custom Brushes and Brush Dynamics | IceflowStudios
  12. - Photoshop Actions! | IceflowStudios
  13. - "F THAT!" (F Shortcut Key) | IceflowStudios
  14. - Using Levels in Photoshop | IceflowStudios
  15. - Hue/Saturation in Photoshop | IceflowStudios
  16. - Chroma Keying in Photoshop using Color Range | IceflowStudios
  17. - Vanishing Point: Remove Objects in Photoshop | IceflowStudios
  18. - Burn, Dodge, Sponge - Oh my! | IceflowStudios
  19. - Photoshop Tools: Move Tool | IceflowStudios
  20. - Layer Masks In Photoshop | IceflowStudios
  21. - Photoshop Tools: Replace Color | IceflowStudios
  22. - The Patch Tool in Photoshop | IceflowStudios
  23. - Photoshop Tools: The Clone Stamp | IceflowStudios
  24. - Using the Pen Tool In Photoshop (Part 2) | IceflowStudios
  25. - IceflowStudios Design Training - Using the Pen Tool In Photoshop (Part 1) | IceflowStudios
  26. - Vector Vs. Raster Images | IceflowStudios
  27. - Introducing Photoshop: Liquify | IceflowStudios
  28. - Photoshop Adjustment Layers Tip | IceflowStudios
  29. - Introducing Photoshop: Layer Styles | IceflowStudios
  30. - Introducing Photoshop: Using Layers | IceflowStudios
  31. - Introducing Photoshop: The Tools | IceflowStudios
  32. - Introducing Photoshop: The Layout | IceflowStudios
  33. - How to Use REFINE EDGE in Photoshop! Improve Your Selections
  34. - How to Fix Pen Pressure in Photoshop